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A web site dedicated to family, friends & information.  You'll find; pictures, local weather and some light commentary about WHAT'S UP. Let me know if you want something posted or UN-posted (send blackmail money).  Enjoy!

Welcome to 2006 so what's up? Mike has moved to Arizona so now there are two of us in the West and we're beginning to show some solidarity. The rest of you may want to consider how much fun it is to shovel snow and skid on ice and rain on the way to work... Maybe we can encourage a visit, a trip to Vegas even?

Things are good in San Diego, Jenne was swimming in the pool earlier in February, Missy sold another house and consulting work is flowing well for me although I always have to keep an eye out for a couple months down the road.

Jenne turned ten (10) on February 21 and in honor of her first double-digit birthday we took a helicopter ride around San Diego, over the ocean and returned by flying over our home (which was pretty cool). She and her "crew" loved it!

More tenth birthday pictures at:

Last Fall and this Winter have been horrible with cold weather and lot's of rain. OK, that's not true but for those of you on the East Coast maybe that will make you feel better. Here is a more accurate representation of our Fall-Winter and who says we don't have a change of seasons? Look at those leaves! However, painfully obvious is the lack of heavy jackets...

Nothing else much exciting except our new plasma TV hanging on the wall like a picture. It is great and they don't really cost that much any more but be careful of the install cost, which was about $1500! Oh well, it's a bunch of fun to watch movies with Jenne and her friends and excellent for sporting events.

Let me know how y'all are doing and what else is new. Take care for now.

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